Barefoot Contessa Cozy

by Leslie Patson | 26th September 2012

I had the pleasure of going to see Ina Garten aka the Barefoot Contessa last Sunday at Benaroya Hall in downtown Seattle. The set up was a Q&A hosted by Seattle’s noted food writer, chef and restaurateur Greg Atkinson discussing everything from food trends to the locavore movement. No photography of any kind was allowed but I took a snap of the set up before anyone appeared on stage.
If you are a fan of the Barefoot Contessa and watch her show on the Food Network, then you know she has this fabulous house in the Hamptons and somewhat recently renovated her “barn” into mega kitchen where they now film the show. She assured us that previously that was her “actual kitchen” they were filming out of but to prevent divorce they needed an out of the house option so the barn was transformed. When an audience member asked her if Jeffrey was her real husband or a Hollywood actor she assured us he was the real thing and was not at all “goofy” as he often appears on the show but was just a good sport and having fun with his appearances on her show. BTW, not too goofy Jeffrey was the Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade under the Clinton administration and former Dean of the Yale School of Management. Ina herself worked in the White House on the nuclear policy analyst before she gave it all up for food and fun (good choice Ina…)!

Ina was on tour promoting her new book Barefoot Contessa Foolproof. She was funny, relaxed even a little self deprecating. My husband is always wondering when she’s going to come out with her how-to-lose-weight cookbook but I have to say Ina looked better and slimmer than I was expecting. Another audience member asked her what were some of the more unusual projects she’d been asked to participate in and she said someone wanted her to design a line of clothing which surprised her. She said, after all, I wear basically the same thing every day! Any one who knows Ina knows her for her solid custom made shirts untucked over pants.

A shot of Ina’s new kitchen in the remodeled barn. Facing the counter is a large dining room table – the perfect entertainment set up and not too shabby!

One of her many winning simple recipes, Parmesan Chicken served over salad with lemon vinegrette – delicious!

Do Ina and Jeffrey really speak to each other this way? – sounds like something out of my own kitchen!

Lots of great cookbooks and an entertaining show on the Food Network and of course a blog to boot. Check it out!

8 Responses to “Barefoot Contessa Cozy”

  1. Valerie

    Oct 21st, 2012 :

    Wish I could have gone to this! Love Ina! Great coverage!

  2. Didi Yabes

    May 16th, 2013 :

    I just love how Ina does work in her kitchen and still has a relaxed attitude to entertaining, enjoying herself.

  3. Jul 25th, 2013 :

    ina is my go to cooking web site and i watch her shows as much as possible.i love her menus because they really are good for non perfect cooks,and some how she has a better way of getting the message across,unlike some celeb chefs.i am now going to try summer pudding.we are getting a lot of reruns in south africa,anything you can do to get us some new series

  4. Sep 29th, 2013 :

    Ina, you are my #1 favorite Food Network cook. Wish you and Jeffery
    would come to Ft. Lauderdale so we can see you both at cooking events.
    Your recipe Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic is a huge hit for our family and
    friends. Your website is my “go to” favorite for delicious entrees and I have
    several of your cookbooks on hand! Looking forward to more new series.

  5. Janice Novicki

    Oct 30th, 2013 :

    A lovely, intelligent lady married to the love of her
    life. Both Ina and her husband are accomplished in their own areas. Not to shabby Jeffrey, your resume
    is most impressive & you are adorable. Ina who would
    not want you in their life. Thank you for all you do!
    Wonderful tv programs really showing just how to prepare,cook and entertain. This couple deserves to
    be celebrated, happy and loving marriages are too
    Best to you both,

  6. karin cupplo

    Nov 7th, 2013 :

    I always loved your show,and the great recipes.I can identify with the pigs and a blanket u make and barley, i am half polish and my grandmother use to make that and the kasha.You and Jeffery make a great team,and please stay on the air for many years to come. Take care.

  7. Nov 13th, 2013 :

    I have obtained so many wonderful recipes from ina garten. Bless you for all your work. I also admire your loving relationship with Jeffrey. I too have a wonderful husband of 44 years, and it seems like yesterday since we married. May you continue many more years of good health and happiness.

    Cheryl Myers

  8. lisa

    Dec 11th, 2013 :

    I just love her style of cooking simple and elegent she’s so amazing!Happy Holidays…