Cozy Cats of the Week: Allegro and Frankie

by Leslie Patson | 24th June 2011

Let’s see – who has the upper hand in this picture? Maybe the title should be Frankie and Allegro? Either way, I like to interpret this photo (courtesy of my sister Lisa) as a cozy cuddle not the beginning of a wrestling match. But somehow, if you know most cats, it always turns out that […] Read More

One Well Read Cat!

by Leslie Patson | 12th March 2011

Yup, it’s the weekend and I couldn’t be happier! Looks like it’s going to be a drizzly weekend but that won’t keep us indoors. Well, maybe a little bit but I think Nero above has a good idea to just relax and be cozy! (I think Nero has a touch of Art Director in him, […] Read More

Cozy Cockadoodledoo?

by Leslie Patson | 25th February 2011

Can you say ride ‘em cowgirl? Well, seems this kitten can! My very cool friend Shaun Jefford (director of Indie documentary Beijing Punk sent this all the way from his home in Australia, he’s a cat lover too!) And whether this is the product of photo shop or not (and I like to think NOT) […] Read More

Cozy Cat of the Week: Introducing Allegro!

by Leslie Patson | 10th February 2011

Have you ever heard of someone giving up an animal because they were “too nice”? Well, oddly enough, that is the case with my sister Lisa’s new kitty Allegro. She first spotted Allegro one Saturday at a PetCo adoption and it must have just been fate because with 4 cats already at home she was […] Read More

Cozy Cats of the Week!

by Leslie Patson | 6th January 2011

Frankie and Nero luxuriating in soft cozy blankets on a chilly January day! I want to join them! Read More

Cozy Cat of the Week: Frankie!

by Leslie Patson | 11th December 2010

All this activity before Christmas really wears me out! What? You’ve never fallen asleep with your foot in the air? Cozy as I am, I never know when my brother Nero is gonna sneak up on me and I wanna be ready to launch my attack!!! Now come on, rub my belly please and don’t […] Read More

Cozy Cat of the Week: Nero

by Leslie Patson | 14th October 2010

Just in time for Halloween! But seems Nero has his own thoughts on this! I’m pretty sure he will definitely NOT be wearing a costume! He might seem cozy to us, but somehow I think the recipient of this meow (hi Lis!) might think differently! Read More

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