Giftwrap This!

by Leslie Patson | 18th December 2013

Couldn’t resist – and bringing COZY to an absolute new level!!! This shot taken off the Animal Rescue Site – click on it every day to provide free food for animals! Stressed out from shopping? Buy less STUFF and donate to charity!!! Read More

Important stuff – Cozy goes Clunk…

by Leslie Patson | 5th September 2013

Oh hell, I tried to find a clearer copy of this but couldn’t but you know what – this is funny no matter what – I laugh every time! From the wonderful world of Twitter video aka Vines – check out THIS VIDEO and have a laugh. Tell me how many times you haven’t felt […] Read More

Weekend Warriors

by Leslie Patson | 4th March 2013

We had a really nice weekend but maybe not as cute as these two snuggly buddies – thanks Elizabeth for sending these shots of Newton and Chloe – thrown together just a few months ago but seeming to be getting along just fine! Animals are the coziest – I suggest if you don’t have one […] Read More

Rub a Dub Dub – There’s a Kitten in my Tub!

by Leslie Patson | 22nd September 2012

Thanks Stephany and Cosmo for providing some good “clean” and highly cozy entertainment this Saturday afternoon – that is one darn cute kitten! Read More

Put a Bird on It!

by Leslie Patson | 19th August 2012

Usually when there’s a bird in my kitchen it means I’m going to roast a chicken but that was not the case yesterday! Crazy kitty Chloe dragged this poor creature all the way up our stairs and into the bedroom closet where it escaped and then flew into the kitchen! How to extract? And you […] Read More

Cosmo the Cozy Kitten!

by Leslie Patson | 20th July 2012

Let’s face it, there is NOTHING cozier than a tiny kitten! Cosmo is the beyond adorable new kitten my friend Stephanie just adopted. Below Cosmo already in action! Go Cosmo go!!! I remember when I was fostering 2 kittens and they would crawl up my pant leg when I was in the kitchen. Almost gave […] Read More

Just Because…..

by Leslie Patson | 22nd January 2012

Just because it’s funny and it made me laugh! But I do hope Bully doesn’t see this – it might give him ideas and poor little Chloe wouldn’t stand a chance! (thanks Jefford Jefford for sending!) Read More

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