M.A.R.S. is Christmas Cozy!

by Leslie Patson | 18th December 2012

Wow, Christmas is right around the corner – I’m not sure how it always sneaks up like that! I say it every year but think about instead of stressing out and buying all that “stuff” for people you’re not even sure what to get – think about giving the gift of a charity donation! Pictured […] Read More

The TED Conference: ideas beyond cozy

by Leslie Patson | 11th February 2010

I am practically BURSTING WITH EXCITEMENT while writing this post (it’s unfortunately true!) will let the cat out of the bag immediately. The winner of the 2010 TED conference is JAMIE OLIVER!!! What the hell is the TED Conference you ask? Why don’t you just ask some of it’s former speakers: Bono, Bill Clinton, JJ […] Read More

Cozy Cat of the Week: Misty Needs a Home!

by Leslie Patson | 11th November 2009

This beautiful beautiful kitty named Misty needs a home! It’s owner decided it just didn’t want her anymore – who makes that kind of decision? Unfortunately more people than you think…Misty is currently at the Valley Vet Spay/Neuter Clinic awaiting adoption. About 5 years old, female and declawed she does best as the only cat […] Read More

Quote of the day

by Leslie Patson | 16th October 2009

As I mentioned in a previous post, every day I go to the Animal Rescue website and click on the button to donate free food and care to animals who need it. How easy is that! and I do this every day. I also click on the other tabs for literacy, breast cancer, hunger etc. […] Read More

Cozy Cause means Fabulous Fundraiser!

by Leslie Patson | 22nd June 2009

My sister Lisa and her husband Neil opened their home last Sunday for a really GREAT cause! In an effort to increase their Spay/Neuter efforts VALLEY VET CLINIC has just opened VALLEY VET CLINIC CHARITABLE NON PROFIT SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC. DR. NOVY IS REALLY IMPRESSIVE! He and his team are sooo passionate about the cause of […] Read More

Cozy Kittens Need HOMES!

by Leslie Patson | 28th May 2009

Did Al and Gio give birth? Don’t be ridiculous but OMG! If I didn’t already have 4 I would totally want this little baby! How beautiful! Want to add a new fluffernutter to your household? Here’s how! Contact Carol Olson at 805.497.8425. Carol rescues an amazing amount of kitties (she is a Saint!) and has […] Read More

Give!!!! The ultimate Cozy!

by Leslie Patson | 18th December 2008

This holiday season my siblings and I decided (finally) to do away with gift giving, no longer have that mountain of presents which takes hours to buy and unwrap (yes friends, I still love the rustle of paper…) and just donate that money to charity. As we are a huge animal charity family each of […] Read More