Twin Peaks Cozy….?

by Leslie Patson | 22nd July 2013

Let’s stray away from the norm for a second and talk about a little 90’s flashback that happened at Fred’s Wild Refuge last night in Capitol Hill. I’ll give you the details here and then just let the pictures tell the story… Our Mistress of ceremonies- a good drag queen is a good start to […] Read More

Awkwardly Cozy

by Leslie Patson | 26th April 2011 For all of you lovers of The Office I wanted to post this hysterical and touching video of the cast singing their own rendition of Seasons of Love from Rent. Listen to the words, they are too funny and Will Ferrell’s singing at the end, I don’t know how anybody kept a straight face. […] Read More

Black Bottle Cozy

by Leslie Patson | 2nd December 2010

Never has a 4 day weekend felt like such a mini-vacation! And during the Thanksgiving weekend I did many of the things I wanted to including a lot of just being cozy (that is, after all, what its all about, right?). I had time to go through my magazines, catch up on my LA book […] Read More

Sunday brunch: The Coziest Meal of the week!

by Leslie Patson | 2nd May 2010

I just love Sunday brunch! Especially when it’s given by really good friends and you know it’s gonna be special! This past Sunday Marc and I were invited over to Miriam and Michael’s new house for brunch and as we wound our ways though Laurel Canyon the green of spring and the wild flowers growing […] Read More

What would Michael Cera think?

by Leslie Patson | 21st August 2009

And Portia de Rossi and Jason Bateman and the rest of the rest of the Arrested Development crew? Lets get our Commander in Chief working on some serious issues, right? BTW, I just saw the preview for Jason Bateman’s new movie EXTRACT with believe it or not, Ben Affleck, Kristin Wiig and Mila Kunis. Written […] Read More

Annabella Cozy!

by Leslie Patson | 9th August 2009

I can’t call this post anything else, to me it’s just perfect because when my amazing friend Annabella Colletti announced she was back in town that meant one thing, Dinner Party!!! Anne showed up with a bouquet from her mom’s garden – so French! and just perfect for the mood of the dinner! Next she […] Read More

Movies that are Cozy!

by Leslie Patson | 4th August 2009

Marc and I love going to the movies and our favorite theater is the Laemmle in Pasadena. The movies are great, the parking is easy and it’s next to a bookstore (Vroman’s) always fun to browse before and/or after. These are some of the movies we’ve seen this summer worth mentioning. Mainstream but very funny: […] Read More

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