True Coziness: Travel the World…

by Leslie Patson | 1st March 2014

I totally LOVE this new Louis Vuitton campaign and am using it as a way to inspire us all to plan that next trip (big or small) Long or short – it doesn’t matter, just a change of scenery is so good for the soul! This guy might know what he’s talking about, true words […] Read More

January Blues

by Leslie Patson | 13th January 2014

SeemsI’m not the only one feeling blue these days… Dazzling Blue – Pantone, an authority on color, recently announced that Dazzling Blue is the color of choice for spring 2014. A great blog post from Fashion Gone Rogue about how blue was featured in New York fashion week! But I find it soothing… And cozy.. […] Read More

Fashion Week Cozy

by Leslie Patson | 18th September 2013

There’s probably not a whole lot that’s cozy about New York’s Fashion Week but this picture of Harper Beckham was pretty darned cute. And that guy who’s lap she’s on is not too shabby either. Here are some of the new Fall campaigns that caught my eye. Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton Kristine Romanova for […] Read More

Cozy Dressing: My Ten-Item Wardrobe Spring 2013

by Leslie Patson | 16th May 2013

I stumbled across this video on Huffington Post and in turn into a whole new world of Jennifer L.Scott. I have to admit I’m getting pretty tired of reading about how Gwyneth Paltrow had fittings with Valentino for her Met Ball gala “punk” dress – I think I’m more into staying down to earth with […] Read More

JCrew Cozy!

by Leslie Patson | 23rd April 2013

I am a big JCrew fan and also a big fan of their Creative Director Jenna Lyons. When I saw she was on the cover of Fast Company Magazine I wouldn’t wait to read the article. I learned some interesting things in this article including if you really want the JCrew look abandon all your […] Read More

3 Cozy Things

by Leslie Patson | 13th September 2012

Fall is in the air and I am ready. If I ever stumbled upon this street I would be in heaven! Burgandy Steet, Madrid. I like rustic desserts. Even if they dont’ turn out perfect they are still delicious. I would gobble this Apricot Blackberry tart up! And of course for Fall, something from Burberry […] Read More

Optometry Made Cozy: Warby Parker

by Leslie Patson | 5th February 2012

My friend Darren told me about this super cool new way to buy glasses – it’s called WARBY PARKER and check out the concept – all glasses including prescription $95! Super cool vintage inspired frames to choose from for both regular glasses and sunglasses. All you do is choose your frames and email in your […] Read More

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