Cozyland Closing

by Leslie Patson | 5th April 2014

They say all good things come to an end and Cozyland is no exception. I’ve had this blog January 2007 (wow!) but I feel like it’s time to move on. To all my tried and true readers (I won’t mention names but you know who you are!) I thank you so much for all your […] Read More

A Most Cozy and Wonderful Wedding!

by Leslie Patson | 9th November 2013

We can’t always be exactly where we want (and need) to be and that would be the case of the wedding of gorgeous couple Annabella and Larry Monaco which happened 2 weekends ago in Los Angeles. That is where guest-blogger extroidinaire Elizabeth H enters in (seen here as beautiful bridesmaid in pale gray JCrew chiffon!). […] Read More

Cozy mid-week Dinner with Friends!

by Leslie Patson | 15th September 2013

With enough planning and a simple menu having friends over for dinner during the week can be done and boy does it break up the week! This dinner is starring the funniest co-workers on earth: Connie (shown here mid-story), Erika and Greg, Marc and in and out appearances by kitty Chloe. And featuring the Quick […] Read More

Summer Concerts are Cozy (even 80’s Flashbacks!)

by Leslie Patson | 10th July 2013

Call it campy, call it cukoo or call it just plain cool we did a total 80’s flashback on Sunday night and went to see Pat Benetar and Berlin on the lawn at Chateau St. Michelle in Woodenville (about 40 minutes from Seattle). They have a great outdoor concert series and Hollywood Bowl style (all […] Read More

Girlfriend Weekend

by Leslie Patson | 11th November 2012

You know what you do when you want to celebrate Autumn? You invite two of your favorite girlfriends to come to visit you in Seattle in November and you pray for sunshine! Luck was on our side, not exactly sunshine but beautiful November skies with maybe a sprinkling of rain – a novelty for my […] Read More

Good Things come in Small Packages

by Leslie Patson | 1st March 2012

I was touched when my friend Miriam sent me this picture of a glass full of wine from a funny little set I had given her some time ago. The glasses were tiny but quaint. Miriam and I had a joke about tiny things which I can’t even remember what that was about? but I […] Read More

Cozy Cutie!

by Leslie Patson | 28th January 2011

Cozyland has been too busy with work this week and practically post-free – but lets start the weekend out right with this picture of Henry Burke Olivier (just love that name!). Henry, or Hank as his BFF’s may call him, was born this past December to Miriam and Michael who must just want to gobble […] Read More

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