Barn Sale

by Leslie Patson | 25th August 2013

Last weekend was all about 2 gal pals heading out to Snohomish to the Rust and Ruffles Barn Sale. A 45 minute drive north of Seattle and you soon find yourself in beautiful rolling countryside. And then, low and behold, a big barn full of fabulous findings! I’m already gearing up for the next barn […] Read More

Stockholm Syndrome!

by Leslie Patson | 16th March 2013

I came across this beautiful blog this morning and it made me realize how much I want to go to Sweden. The colors and style have long been my favorite. I would really love a big dose of Swedish interior inspiration! in the meantime there are tons of blogs that follow this interior style – […] Read More

When One Door Closes…

by Leslie Patson | 16th July 2012

You know the expression “when one door closes another door opens”? Well, I wish this would be the door that would open for me! My brother John sent me the link to a site called which I could browse through forever! I quickly stumbled upon a dream of a place called the Hunting Island […] Read More

Curbside Transformation is Cozy!

by Leslie Patson | 3rd November 2010

Over a week ago Marc and I were walking and came across this on a lane kind of off the main neighborhood street. We were like, wow, this stuff is so cool, could it work in our kitchen? how would we get it there etc etc. We decided both pieces were too big and just […] Read More

Hobnob Knobs!

by Leslie Patson | 11th August 2010

We decided to get really creative in furnishing and decorating our new attic. I know this is gonna shock you but the decorating scheme is Cozy! And did I mention the budget is cozy too? In this case, that translates as cheap!!! But that’s ok because as I’ve already told you Seattle has some great […] Read More

Thrift Store Mania

by Leslie Patson | 29th July 2010

About fifteen years ago my friends and I loved to do the whole Flea Market/ thrift shop thing and boy did we find treasures! I’ll never forget the $5 chandelier I found at Salvation Army that I stupidly got rid of when I sold my condo and then re-bought the same thing years later for […] Read More

Cozy store: Rooms & Gardens in Santa Barbara

by Leslie Patson | 23rd May 2010

This post is about a very inspiring store called Rooms & Gardens on State Street in Santa Barbara, CA. Marc and I just spent his birthday weekend there at the wonderful Canary Hotel which is more or less right across the street from the hotel (how lucky for me and lucky for Marc that the […] Read More

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