Michelle, Carla and oh yeah, the guys

by Leslie Patson | 3rd April 2009

After the G-20 in London, the Obama’s and the Sarkozy’s met up in Strasbourg, France
Wonder why Carla has chose such a super prudish look as France’s first lady, I mean come on, she’s a former Versace model!!! (I actually think she should just lighten up just a touch).

Carla can only wear flats as she towers over her husband! Wonder what she thinks of the Obama’s?

Nicholas Sarkozy looks tres intense! (is that a Prada suit? probably, that’s what he likes!) Carla just looks like an ex-supermodel!

So French! (only thing missing is the baguette!)

2 Responses to “Michelle, Carla and oh yeah, the guys”

  1. Apr 5th, 2009 :

    Carla is in her own country and should have worn something w/ more personality. Who is Michelle wearing (such important matters huh?)!

  2. Apr 7th, 2009 :

    And Michelle wore J CREW to meet the Queen.. HOw awesome is that!??!