Movies that are Cozy!

by Leslie Patson | 4th August 2009

Marc and I love going to the movies and our favorite theater is the Laemmle in Pasadena. The movies are great, the parking is easy and it’s next to a bookstore (Vroman’s) always fun to browse before and/or after.

These are some of the movies we’ve seen this summer worth mentioning.

Mainstream but very funny: The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Takes place in a gorgeous house on a lake in Alaska which I just read was actually Connecticutt! Check out this hysterical promo from Funny or Die!

Indie and really shows off downtown Los Angles: (500) days of Summer. Not just a 20 something love story, much cooler with some interesting stylistic ingredients. They did a really good job on this one and if you like Zooey Deschanel she’s really great in this!

Sam Mendes does it again. I’m guess for much less money than Revolutionary Road. Far and Away starring Maya Rudolph and John Krazinski. We should watch The Office more often. That guy is great.
Great movie, entertaining, cool and good message.

My brother just saw the new Francis Ford Coppola movie Tetro and really liked it. This made me totally out of the loop since we follow Coppola pretty closely and somehow I missed this. But I just checked movies playing in Hollywood and this one is nowhere to be seen. Interesting….

Movies we want to see: Funny People, Julie and Julia and Tetro
Movies we do not want to see: The Hurt Locker (looks GREAT but too intense and war-ish!)
Orphan (although great/gross movie poster!)

What else? Who’s seeing what?

2 Responses to “Movies that are Cozy!”

  1. Johnny Rotten Asheville

    Aug 6th, 2009 :

    Another good summer release is the indie film MOON, written and directed by Duncan Jones. Duncan is the son of David Bowie. If you liked 2001 A Space Oddysey, chances are you’ll like this one.

  2. Aug 6th, 2009 :

    thanks bro, cool tip and I happen to LOVE David Bowie so if the apple didn’t fall far from the tree we better see this!