Island Cottage Cozy

by Leslie Patson | 23rd August 2010

Here is a dream of mine that someone else is living out – for now…! Gavin’s friend Jim, his wife and their deaf dog Sage bought a little weekend cottage retreat on Lummi Island. Lummi is one of the San Juan’s – a little under a 2 hour drive from Seattle and about a 8 […] Read More

Cozy Cantitoe Corners: Martha Stewarts New York farm

by Leslie Patson | 11th May 2010

Can you imagine waking up to this view every morning? Not the treacherous sky, just Martha Stewart’s gorgeous New York farm Cantitoe! And to think, this is the place where she had to spend her 5 months of house arrest back in 2004 (the place is so large she actually was limited to certain parts […] Read More

Surprise Cozy Cottage

by Leslie Patson | 1st May 2009

So as not to be disappointed with my tomato garden for the 3rd year in a row I have decided to grow a Geranium garden in my lower garden area. Mainly because I somehow have 3 very successful large flowering plants down there. So, when in Rome… But I don’t really have a flower budget […] Read More

Neighborhoods should be Cozy

by Leslie Patson | 26th October 2008

John and Vinnie are househunting in Asheville so we had the pleasure of driving all around, from what seemed like one great neighborhood to the next. Honestly, there were about a million houses I absolutely LOVED!!! I felt like I was in Pasadena, Ca only without the prices! Yes, yes these cottages look amazing in […] Read More

Asheville: One more thing

by Leslie Patson | 26th August 2008

HOUSES IN ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA I promise but common, this place ranks super high in COZY! I LOVE this house!!!! Side view And also this one. By the way, both under $500K, maybe even under $400K. John, can you confirm? More Read More

Blueberry Cottage in Asheville, North Carolina

by Leslie Patson | 21st August 2008

While going through a copy of one of my favorite magazines, Country Living, I saw an article about gorgeous rental cottages across the United States. One that caught my attention was Blueberry Cottage at Mountain Farm in Asheville, North Carolina and I happened to know that my brother and his partner Vinnie were planning a […] Read More

Cozy Cottage in Napa Valley

by Leslie Patson | 22nd June 2008

I came across this cottage in the July 2008 issue of House Beautiful Magazine. Imagine having this in Napa Valley! I LOVE the connecting “boardwalk” they did, so cool! and those Louis Vuitton suitcases that they made into a nighttable, I mean, puleeeaasse!! Of course the kitchen barstools show an unbelievable eye for “repurposing”, wouldn’t […] Read More