More Orcas Island!

by Leslie Patson | 16th June 2013

We spent last Saturday and Sunday on Orcas Island. Glorious as always. If you haven’t been you need to go! We stayed this time at the Outlook Inn – situated right around the bend as you enter Eastsound. A lovely hotel with a great restaurant called the New Leaf. Amazing everything but the best breakfast […] Read More

Orcas Island Wrap up!

by Leslie Patson | 11th July 2012

There’s so much to do (or not do) on Orcas – a sampling of some of the things we got up to starting out with the fireworks in Eastsound on the 4th. We did so many things including a lot of hiking (we saw crazy woodland creatures!). Drove around… Visited some farms (yes, they tasted […] Read More

Cozy Cuisine on Orcas Island: Inn at Ship Bay

by Leslie Patson | 10th July 2012

One of the great things about renting a house is the option to cook while on a vacation and cook I did! But we also went out to several restaurants and even though Orcas is still a small and not super commercial island – it has several really really great restaurants. Let’s start with our […] Read More


by Leslie Patson | 8th July 2012

My dream of having an actual “summer vacation” has actually come true! We just came back from 6 days on Orcas Island – part of the San Juan Islands located off of Northern Washington just below Canada. There is a lot of irony in how stressful “planning and implementing” a vacation can be and since […] Read More

Summertime means Vacation!

by Leslie Patson | 30th June 2012

This year I decided not to “miss” summer by planning a definite summer vacation – the break I used to look forward to as a kid! The break that separated the seasons. As adults, Marc and I have gotten into the habit of travelling around September when plane fares off to exotic places are better […] Read More

Cozy Cans!

by Leslie Patson | 17th June 2012

Cozy Holey Cans that is! As seen at the Farmer’s Market in Eastsound on Orcas Island – Cari Darner and Kyle Jepsen have found the most brilliant use for all those cans that most of us just toss into the recycling bin. Recycle? Cari and Kyle call their beautiful cans UPCYCLED (more brilliance!). NO, you […] Read More

Go Fly a Kite!

by Leslie Patson | 10th June 2012

That’s what our mom used to tell us – code for “why don’t you kids get lost!” I think that was an acceptable “child rearing” practice when we were growing up…Either way, my brother John decided (many years later) to take her up on this. A Northwest vacation wouldn’t be anything without a trip to […] Read More

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