On the Road Again…

by Leslie Patson | 27th February 2015

So much for our tradition of going ice skating at the Central Station in Zurich. Needless to say, the day after New Year’s eve was all about hangovers and pajamas. I even scraped together ingredients and made a soup – if you have a can of crushed tomatoes you can pretty much pull off anything […] Read More

New Year’s Eve Rooftop Style!

by Leslie Patson | 25th February 2015

We have amazing friends in Zurich and as it happens, when Stephen, Marc’s BFF, heard we were coming to Zurich for New Year’s eve he and his wife Sonja and Lena, Marc’s 18 yr. old Godchild, decided to throw a New Year’s Eve party – what a way to ring in 2015! We’re not talking […] Read More

Heading Back to Zurich

by Leslie Patson | 20th February 2015

Every part of this trip was special including the return from Arosa to Zurich. You know what they say about European train rides being romantic? Although I’ve found that statement to definitely NOT always be true this time it was downright magical! I supppose extra magical coming from someone who normally doesn’t see much snow […] Read More

Vacations are Cozy!

by Leslie Patson | 17th September 2011

We just returned from a little over 2 weeks in Europe. We got back from our trip to Switzerland and Spain this past Thursday night around 11pm, got to bed around 1am and were both in the office the next day at 8:30am. Sounds crazy? Actually it was the best thing to do. Helped to […] Read More

My Final Swiss Post #19: Spaghetti Dinner – The Last Supper

by Leslie Patson | 5th January 2010

After running around so much we thought what could be more perfect for our last night than just spending it with good friends over a big plate of spaghetti! Martin decided to make both homemade Marinara and Pesto, of course fresh Parmesean and bread and salad. Did I mention wine yet? We had lots……. Superstar […] Read More

Swiss Post #15: Quasi Cozy, the old 'hood

by Leslie Patson | 4th January 2010

Because when we lived in Zurich in 2001 we didn’t have a digital camera and film was stupid expensive to develop we really didn’t have any photos of where we used to live so I thought while Marc was having lunch with a friend I could take advantage of the time to go back and […] Read More

Swiss Post 14: Fondue Part Deux!

by Leslie Patson | 4th January 2010

The Pfaeffli’s live about 3 blocks away from Martin. Stephen is one of Marc’s oldest and dearest friends. He was also a member of their Dead Poet’s Society. Stephen married Sonja, an ex-punk rock guitarist. Their daughter Lena who is now 12 and very cool is Marc’s God child! They invited us over for the […] Read More

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